Wander the Warehouse District



SEPTEMBER 17, 2017
Noon to 4 pm

Wander is the signature loft and home tour in Downtown Toledo’s Warehouse District. Wander allows you a behind-the-scenes look into living and working in the Warehouse District.  Seven locations have been selected for your viewing pleasure! Wander will get you inside some of the newest renovations of our oldest buildings in this historic area.  Wander the Warehouse District is the perfect opportunity for everyone with a curiosity about what is happening in the hottest urban scene in northwest Ohio.

So, why wonder when you can wander?!

Please purchase your tickets on the day of the event at Lafayette & South St. Clair Streets (in front of Floral Pursuit).

2017 sites 

1. West Erie Realty Solutions, 323 Lafayette Street

2. The Berdan, 1 South Erie Street

3. ARK Restoration, 20 Broadway   4. Oliver House Distillery, 201 Morris St.

5. 913 Washington Street

6. 100 South Huron

7. Commerce Paper