Toledo Warehouse District
Architectural Review Committee

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The TWDARC reviews plans for exterior building modifications and other site improvements.
Projects within the Warehouse District require review and approval PRIOR to permitting.



Developing in the warehouse district

Projects that Require Review

  • Exterior Renovations and New Construction
    Building materials including: exterior cladding, windows, canopies and awnings, patio fencing, signage and lighting.
  • Parking Lots
    Off-street parking lots including: fencing, landscaping and lighting.
  • Exterior Enhancements
    Improvements including: signage, lighting, landscaping, murals and art installations.

Projects Resources & Guides

The TWDARC Process


Submit a project application to the Toledo-Lucas County Plan Commissions. Applications are available online at or at One Government Center, Suite 1620, Toledo, Ohio 43604. There is no fee to apply.

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Applicants are invited to attend the next scheduled TWDARC review meeting, explain the project in detail and answer questions. The review meeting is held monthly.

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The committee then votes at the meeting to approve, approve with conditions or deny the application.


Contact any of the 5 voting members of the TWDARC for their insight and perspective

Chairman: Richard Rideout - [email protected]

Member: Cathy Schrein - [email protected]

Member: Ken Wood - [email protected]

Member: Brent Lohmann - [email protected]

Member: Andy Knopp - [email protected]


Approved and conditional applications receive a TWDARC letter of approval from the Toledo-Lucas County Plan Commissions. An approval letter is required for permitting. Denied applicants can revise their project based on TWDARC input and reapply.

TWDARC approval in most cases is the first step in the approval process, project owners should contact Nancy Hirsch with Plan Commission to determine if they need to submit an application for site plan review to Plan Commission or a permit application to building inspection.

Toledo-Lucas County Plan Commission: Matthew Lascheid [email protected]